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Hi, I’m Dude, Brett’s 7 year old Pug (49 in doggy years).  For the past fourty nine years, I’ve sat by my masters (Brett) feet in his office whilst he totally ignores me and just sits at his laptop typing away. Occasionally he may remember I am there and he’ll drop me the last bite of his sandwich whist keeping 99% of it to himself. Little does he know that I’ve listened to every conversation and I’m pretty smart on this SharePoint stuff myself now!

Anyway – Brett has been pretty busy today and was away from his PC for a small while.  They do say you should never use your pets name as a password! Dumbass L  I was checking out his skype and noticed he was chatting to Rob & Nick about some geeky pod show.  Apparently there will be a new one available tonight, something to do with an ASP.NET developer and how to develop with SharePoint 2007.  I guess I’ll have to listen to it tomorrow whilst he sits there chuckling to himself at Rob’s daft jokes which usually involves digs at the British.  At least he isn’t a cat lover like Nick.

Tonight Brett let out a huge sigh, got himself a beer and gave me the rest of his dinner. I guess at long last he has finished that damn book on the BDC.  I should think so!?!?!? I heard that there is something new coming out, BCS or something.  Brett was listening to some sort of sneak preview about SharePoint 2010 where he just repeatedly replayed the bit about BCS.

If I get chance and if I can be bothered I’ll post again this week.  For the time being, I’m going to take one of Rio’s prams for a stroll.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdLVLPoRXR4


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